MAT Gaffer Tape in Bulk (Multiple Sizes & Colors), Premium Grade, GTMC12

MAT Gaffer Tape in Bulk (Multiple Sizes & Colors), Premium Grade, GTMC12

MAT Military Grade Gaffer Tape in Bulk, Olive Drab, (Multiple Sizes), GTC12MG

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  • WHOLESALE GAFFER TAPE - We only sell gaffer tape by the case. You can mix and match sizes in order to get a larger discount (Note: total rolls per case may change depending on tape size).
  • YOUR GEAR, CABLES AND SURFACE ARE SAFE AND INTACT - Whatever you use GTC12MG Gaffer Tape on, it holds it down solid but is very easily taken off, leaving no residue. The adhesive will not peel back up. Your gear will remain protected and completely undamaged.
  • NON-REFLECTIVE AND WEATHER RESISTANT - Using it on a stage or theater? It blends discreetly into the background. Spike Tape is durable, temperature and weather-resistant for both indoor & outdoor use. Excellent for temporary holding and bundling of light fixtures, wires, cables and marking other equipment. Since Gaffers Tape doesn't leave an adhesive residue behind better alternative to Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, or Vinyl Tape.
  • HAND DISPENSABLE - Gaffer tape can be torn easily and evenly across web. It has different layers which can be separated effortlessly. Tape adheres well to a variety of surfaces. It has a strong waterproof backing that keeps out moisture and resists wear and tear for an extended period of time
  • PEACE OF MIND SHOPPING 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! - We sell real gaffers tape if you are not satisfied, we will do our due diligence to make sure you are completely satisfied with the product and service. Just send us an email, and we promise to make it right!


Military Grade Gaffers Tape

Product Description

Gaffer tape is traditionally used in the film and theater industries by lighting techs (Gaffers) who use gaffer tape to secure lights and conceal wires across floors preventing tripping hazards. Brighter color gaffer tape is also applied to stages as spike marks helping performers and stagehands find their marks - even in low lighting. Its easy to tear so the right size piece is always available. In sum, Gaffer Tape is a heavy-duty, pressure-sensitive cotton cloth tape with adhesive properties that is easily removed without leaving a sticky mess behind.

It has tons of uses both on a professional level and at home. We call it an essential part of your toolbox. What makes it so useful is that it’s primarily used for shorter term applications, where you plan to remove the tape. Securing cables on sets or at home, tape windows to prevent drafts, secure boxes, fix appliances; It is also often used on cars and boats. It is the go-to tape for any application with the intention of removing the tape after the job is done. We have all the colors and sizes you can possibly need.

Gaffers Tape Benefits

  • Laminated to a low gloss finish film,coated with a Natural Rubber based adhesive.
  • Tape will conform well to irregular surfaces, and will not twist or curl.
  • Excellent water, vapor and abrasion resistance.
  • Clean removal on most surfaces (surface type & dwell time may affect performance).


  • Entertainment (concerts, trade shows, etc.) where minimal visibility of tape is desired.
  • Used for holding down cable, wires, electrical cords, and in stage set-ups for marking placement (i.e. spike tape).
  • Book binding tape for seaming & reinforcement.

Technical Properties

  • Adhesive: Natural Rubber How are adhesives different?
  • Carrier/Backing: 76 mesh polyethylene coated cloth
  • Thickness: 12.2 Mils (carrier, adhesive) What is mil thickness?
  • Adhesion: 21 ounces per inch (to stainless steel test panel)
  • Tensile Strength: 40 pounds per inch (longitudinal)
  • Service/Operating Temperature: 41¬∞F to 95¬∞F
  • Elongation: 12%
  • Standards Met: MIL Specification ASTM D5486M, Type IV (supersedes PPP-T-60)
  • Core: 3"" in. diameter neutral

Additional Information

Note: Other colors available as special order. Call for Details.

Note: Specifications are those given by manufacturers and are not tested for accuracy.


Full Pricing Table22

60 YD - Olive Drab

1" (24mm) 48
CASES : 1-4 (48-192) CASES : 5-10 (192-480) CASES : 10+ (>480+)
$453 $430.35 $416.76
1.5" (36mm) 32
CASES : 1-4 (32-128) CASES : 5-10 (128-320) CASES : 10+ (>320+)
$450 $427.5 $414
2" (48mm) 24
CASES : 1-4 (24-96) CASES : 5-10 (96-240) CASES : 10+ (>240+)
$440.37 $418.35 $405.14
3" (72mm) 16
CASES : 1-4 (16-64) CASES : 5-10 (64-160) CASES : 10+ (>160+)
$430.75 $409.21 $396.29
4" (96mm) 12
CASES : 1-4 (12-48) CASES : 5-10 (48-120) CASES : 10+ (>120+)
$428.41 $406.99 $394.14
6" (144mm) 8
CASES : 1-4 (8-32) CASES : 5-10 (32-80) CASES : 10+ (>80+)
$424.58 $403.35 $390.61
49" (1250mm) 1
CASES : 1-4 (1-4) CASES : 5-10 (4-10) CASES : 10+ (>10+)
$353.44 $335.77 $325.16