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Adhesive Tape Turned Fine Art Here on Tapes Supply’s blog, I frequently regale you with crafty ideas and home improvement uses for adhesive tape. I love sharing ideas that help the every-man (or woman) find ways that tape can make their life easier. From kitschy holiday projects like Glow in the Dark Tape for a Hauntingly Splendid Halloween to the infinitely more practical Safety First: Adhesive Tape for Safer Workplaces, we generally he… Read more
Keeping Your Home Warm in the Winer with Adhesive Tape Temperatures over much of the country are beginning to go down, signaling to us more than the changing leaves or the blustery days that Old Man Winter will be here before we know it. Act now to keep your home cozy and warm over the chilly months. There are several reasons why you might want to put a little effort into making your home more energy-efficient. Maybe you’re concerned ab… Read more
ATG Tape Dispenser ATG tape, also known as reverse-wound adhesive tape or scrapbooking adhesive, has the potential to be an indispensable tool. However, a lot of ATG tape users run into the same old’ problem: it can be complicated to get the tape into the adhesive transfer gun so that it works properly. It can be difficult to explain how to load an ATG tape gun, and it can be a real mess if you load it wrong. The paper backing gets tang… Read more
Glow In The Dark Tape Ideas for Halloween Greatness Nothing says Halloween like spooky glow in the dark items. Distributor Tape’s WOD PGD-6 and PGD-24 Glow In The Dark Tapes are the perfect way to add that special glow to your Halloween festivities. Here are some simple ideas that you can implement to make this Halloween just a little brighter. Safety Halloween safety is a big deal. Add strips of glow in the dark tape to cost… Read more