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Loading ATG Tape Dispenser the Right Way

Loading ATG Tape Dispenser the Right Way

24th Mar 2023

ATG Tape Dispenser

ATG tape, also known as reverse-wound adhesive tape or scrapbooking adhesive, has the potential to be an indispensable tool. However, a lot of ATG tape users run into the same old’ problem: it can be complicated to get the tape into the adhesive transfer gun so that it works properly.

It can be difficult to explain how to load an ATG tape gun, and it can be a real mess if you load it wrong. The paper backing gets tangled up inside the tape dispenser, the adhesive doesn’t lay down properly, and it sort of negates all the awesome that is ATG tape if the dispenser isn’t functioning properly.

Because we know it can be hard to remember how to load ATG tape dispensers like the ones we offer here at Distributor Tape, we whipped up a little Distributor Tape’s YouTube channel to see more videos like the one above. We’d also love to hear what sorts of videos you’d like to see to help you learn more about our adhesive tapes