WOD ST-CKT Strong Kinesiology Tape, Black Uncut - (Pack of 2) Water Resistant, Highly Elastic, Hypoallergenic, Kinesiology Sports, & Physio Sports Tape for Muscle, Joint, Tendon, and Ligament Support

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WOD ST-CKT-02000-2-5-BLA
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RAPID HEALING - WOD ST-CKT Kinetic Tape is designed to relieve and support your muscles, joints, tendons, and ligaments from pain, swelling, and inflammation. It is used by physical therapists around the world to improve blood circulation, reduce tissue pressure, and faster recovery.


HIGHLY ELASTIC - WOD Stretchy KT Tape provides an amazing support that enhances and withstands motion and endurance due to its combed cotton material with around 160% Elasticity, all without restricting your movement during workouts or throughout your day at work, in fact, to strengthen and relax your muscles.


HYPOALLERGENIC - WOD ST-CKT Kinesiology Tape is made with a Medical Acrylic Glue Adhesive, a hypoallergenic material that is safe to use on sensitive skin for therapeutic applications with fewer allergic-reactions risks, also, its backing is smooth and thinner than 25% common products.


SWEAT RESISTANT - Its Water-proof Athlete Tape properties allow your skin to breathe and sweat, ensuring long-wear sticking for up to 10 days and quick-drying after long and sweaty workouts like running, swimming, hot yoga, marathons, WODs, weightlifting, and more. It leaves no mess and no residue when removing.


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WOD ST-CKT Black Kinesiology KT Tape is a premium quality soft combed cotton material with an Acrylic Glue Adhesive that sticks in your skin for more than 10 days to reduce pain, sore, inflammation, swelling, and tissue pressure. It promotes blood circulation, strength, and relaxes the muscles after long and vigorous workout sessions.


If you are an athlete, WOD ST-CKT Self-adhesive KT Tape is the ideal material you are looking to use for your muscle's protection and comfort, it resists sweat, water, and chalk, and its stickiness will stay for more than 10 days. Just apply it around your wrists, ankles, knees, or shoulders, and feel the recovery!



  • Apply before activity on clean skin.
  • Don't overstretch.
  • Excessive hair might not allow the best adhesion.
  • Remove slowly, use baby oil if necessary.



Muscles support and relaxation - Joints support - Ligaments support - Back Pain and swollen feet relief during pregnancy - Inflammation relief - Blood circulation improvement - Tissue pressure relief, and more.


Hot yoga - Swimming - Running - Marathons - WODs - Weightlifting, and more.


Wrists - Ankles - Knees - Shoulders - Back - Feet


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